I managed to go over 24 hours with my piece of chocolate candy wrapped in pretty blue foil in my bag without smooshing it, melting it, or eating it. In the afternoon of the 2nd day, I approached my friend Robbie, the head accountant at the office, and asked her if she'd like to make a trade. She looked at me questioningly, but was definitely willing to play along and see what was up. I explained a bit of the premise of Bigger or Better to her. I then held out my pretty chocolate and asked her if she had anything bigger or better she'd like to trade. She said, "Can it be anything?" I said yes, it could be and it didn't even have to be significantly bigger or better, just slightly bigger, OR slightly better. She quickly snatched a cool little wooden puzzle thingie sitting on her desk. This is one of those little tchotchkes that people have laying around that they think they have absolutely no use for. However, the little puzzle is entirely new to me, and infinitely better than a piece of chocolate, which didn't really stand much of a chance if it remained in my bag any longer - so I gladly took it! Maybe I've been working around kids too long, but I knew instantly that there would be a lot of eyes lighting up at that puzzle over at the school! What to Robbie had become useless junk, was, to my eyes, a gold nugget waiting to be fought over at the middle school.